More comfortable in an urban environment than the suburbs, an individual with a Gemini Moon has a need to do everything that they want to do for themselves before actually settling down into any kind of family lifestyle. They may also be master manipulators, especially in relationships, and frequently seem to get what they want out of any given situation.


The Aquarius positioning of Saturn is often a troubling one. Progress may be blocked in this placement. Those born under this positioning often engage in self-sabotage through addiction or procrastination.

Despite the proclivity to impede one's own actions, this enigmatic position often indicates success in a humanitarian profession. The Saturn in Aquarius placement often requires a cause larger than the individual as a motivating factor in life. 


Leos have strong opinions on topics that are important to them -- and they like to be unchallenged when speaking about their beliefs. Leos may sometimes withdraw into themselves if their desire for superiority is contested. In some cases, this desire to be "unchallenged" may be seen as arrogance or self-centeredness -- but it is more likely a deep rooted passion about particular issues that lie close to the heart.


Pra começar bem o ano

- Sabe de uma coisa? Isso é um tanto egoísta da minha parte, mas eu estou feliz porque não vou ter que ver você morrer. Eu não aguentaria estar no lugar que você está agora - ele disse, enquanto fechava os olhos e sua mão se desprendia lentamente do aperto da mão do outro, que morreria poucos meses depois sem dizer nada além de "Ele não está mais aqui".